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Dinodung is great in terms of it works - however if you are going to move your plants it quickly becomes a mess.

First question when talking fertiliser is what plants - some plants have elaborate roots (swords, crypts, anubias), and some don't (stem plants).

For root plants I like a fert at the roots (OK slightly obvious) and as well as dinondung have used a cheap one on a card that worked well (and can't remember the brand).

For stem plants I acutally like the aquasonic range - daily plus and weekly iron dosage. It is the right price (OK not great but OK compared with Dupla andaADA stuff) and does a good job.

If you are a nerd you can start playing wtih DIY drops and I went from using Aquasonic to using an alternate source of iron, and still used aquasonic daily dose.


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