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Mini Aquaponics System

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I'm thinking of starting a tiny aquaponics system (boredom of the holidays :D) that wont affect the aesthetics of my tank and is removable. Looking around the house I found I had this old filter system that I got off a free nano tank that was cracked.


I'm thinking of using the little black container as the growbed (yes it is tiny, but I dont aim to grow much at all).

Im looking at perhaps growing mint or jasmine.... Can either of these grow in such small spaces?

What would be an ideal substrate to grow these in - would aquasoil work?

Most importantly, can an aquaponics system harm my fish?

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So this is how im attaching it to the back of my tank :P, whipped out the old Knex! It's rather stable, dont see a reason why anything could knock it so that shouldnt be an issue. Still need to test with some media in it tho.


The reason why i added the 19mm 90degree pipe outflow was that the built in one couldnt keep up (designed to have a lid ontop). Now its there as a backup :)

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And here it is! Absolutely no clue if it'll work as I dont really know what I'm doing...just bored :P

So the "first" stage of "filtration" is a rather coarse sponge... why not!

The second stage is a little bag of what I believe to be ADA powersand...... get some bacteria colonies on there cause extra filtration is good filtration

And the third stage is the growbed stage, just some smooth black pebbles I had from an old setup.


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Quick update - IT WORKS! I guess.


I dont have a photo of the controlled test where I just have a stem in a glass of water, but that has almost no root growth.

I may have to chuck a couple more stems in this little system :)

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