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Australian aquarium favourites eating out american fisheries

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Hopefully most will get sick and die.

They should put a bounty on them; any species that has very few predators and causes so much grief to fish stocks needs to be taken out.

They are a good fish to eat I am told, nice tasty white flesh and a big one can provide a couple chunky fillets.

My mother has eaten a few monsters that I speared as a young fella and she said it was as good as the coral trout that I would spear up the coast back then.

Out here at times I see quite a few in excess of 18 inches, one spot in one of the green zones had over twenty in one trench.

They know where they are safe and can feed with no interference.

Needless to say there was virtually no other fish in that spot.

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We use to have an issue with long spine sea urchins out off Bris, the dam things would be up to three layers high during the daylight hours out of the swell.

Divers were encouraged to kill as many as possible in ways to avoid a massive releases adding many more.

I use to carry a tool I made and would take out 50 to 100 per dive, it turned out once the triggers became not so popular and their numbers built up and reef tanks started catching on, plus dirtier waters made for less of their food source, these all brought them back to manageable numbers.

Now if some one would realise that the wobbys ever increasing numbers are causing multiples of imbalances, those issues may be fixed as well.

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