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HELP: Moving house & need advice

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I have a nano reef with soft corals and clownfish

I have 30L fry tank

I have 80gallon mostly Africans


I have one day in July to move all I have 1.5 hour drive from Gold Coast to Brisbane.

I'm worried my live rock will suffer and I'm very concerned for my two canisters.

All of breakdown, move/drive and setup I should be able to cover in under 2hrs.


Last time I moved 20mins I got two days of 0.25 ammonia spikes

This time I plan on cleaning out my canister out aweek or two prior to moving, and fasting all my fish for atleast three days prior.


I'm looking for any advice or tips on relocating 3 tanks 40 fish and 80 dolphin fry. Over along distance.

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Your live rock will be fine, wrap in wet newspaper and put in a foam box with an inch or 2 of water in it.

Empty your canisters so that they are still moist, super oxygen for the bacteria, they'll love it

Use a bucket -or 40lt clean rubbish bin, for the fry with an airstone and maybe a drop or 2 of prime

You don't say what Africans or size but again a bucket or 3.

Water change a few times over the preceding days to the move and keep the water 'warm'.

Fast ur fish so they don't make a mess but don't get carried away cleaning the filters and don't feed for 3-4 days after the move then start to slowly feeding up ad normal.

When moveing, cover them with something to black them out as this will make them sort of go to sleep slowing down their respiraton too.

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Wicked advice!!!! I had contemplated removing my water from my canister from a recent article that stated bacteria has proven to last much longer without water moist and sealed.

I asked another forum but was advised that two different types of bacteria are found when compareding submerged and wet/dry filters and that this theory would not work.

Yet if I remember correctly I believe that major differences in species of bacteria are found rather in the differences of pH eg. 6-7

Im still only an intermediate aquarist with 2yrs experience & an extremely low fatality rate. So I'm honestly only willing to try something proven.


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I plan on taking 30L for my 20L Reef & 25L for my fry.

Any other water will be in sealed buckets and 80L containers all holding fish.


That was a year ago when I could get away with one WC per week, I now have many more fish and these fish are somewhat bigger and I now WC every 3-4days.

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