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New QLDAF Online Auctions

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Hi everyone.

We are about to trial a new online auction event on QLDAF. If successful we may schedule one regularly, perhaps monthly. As with anything new we will see how it goes and make changes until it works well for all involved.

Here’s how it will work...

Our first Auction will be a charity auction with a suggested 10% of each sellers sales to be donated to Big Brock’s charity ride to raise money for cancer sufferers. (The remaining 90% is yours to do with as you please obviously) In comparison to most auctions this ‘commission’ is modest and I’m sure you will agree, going to a worthy cause. As it is difficult to police, the donations will be made on an honesty system and I’m sure everyone involved will be happy for the chance to sell some fish, make some money and donate to a worthy cause. We will put up details of how sellers can donate upon auction completion.

The Auction will run from midnight Friday Night (5th July) until 9pm clicks over on Saturday Night (6th July). All bids are final. Buyers must make contact with sellers within 48hrs to make arrangements for payment and collection, and fish must be picked up from the location advised within 7 days of auction close unless arrangements have been made and agreed upon between the two parties.

Auction entries need to be submitted by filling out the template we provide with all relevant details and can be uploaded from Monday the 1st July until 9pm Friday, 5th July. Entries will then be hidden in a queue awaiting moderation until the start of the auction on Friday night and during this time mods will be checking all entries to ensure all relevant details are provided. All entries need to include at least one picture of actual item or fish for sale. Other reference pics are allowed but must be labelled as ‘example pic only’ or ‘picture of parents’ or whatever title suits the picture being used. Fish must be 4cm minimum in size (unless they are a small species like guppies etc). Anything that would be permitted to be sold in our trading section may be offered for auction (ie. Fish, plants, second hand dry goods, driftwood, etc), anything that would not be allowed will not,(ie no bulk dry goods, noxious fish or plants un-tagged mangrove root, etc)

As you will see there is a section for freight in the auction template. This will give sellers the option to offer freight on any item they are willing and able to post and the cost is the responsibility of the buyer and is in addition to the winning bid price. We have many members who are interstate and we hope by offering the option of postage a seller can potentially include many more bidders and may achieve a higher price. Please only include this option of you are willing and able to safely and humanely ship the fish or item being offered.

Once the auction commences, all questions must be made to sellers via PM only. Only bids can be made in the auction post. All bids are final and may not be edited or withdrawn. All bids to be made in whole dollar amounts. Winner is the highest bidder when 9pm clicks over on Saturday Night. All auctions without bids at the completion of auction will be deleted with out notice.

To ensure the safety of both buyers and seller when it comes to auctions, we will have a 3 strike policy. If we receive 3 negative reports that we investigate & deem legitimate about a buyer or seller in the aftermath of an auction it will result in an exclusion from future auctions for a period of 12mths. If an item is significantly not as described the buyer has the option to refuse the item, (eg: in the case of undersized fish or cracked tanks)

Any electrical items must be able to be tested in front of the buyer at time of pick up to ensure they are working properly.

Buyers are expected to turn up to pay for and collect items or fish at the arranged time and failure to do so without reasonable explanation may result in a strike.

It is expected that all items to be posted are sent within a reasonable time frame of payment being received and packed in an appropriate way. Failure to do so may result in a dispute or strike.

Sometimes despite the best of care things go wrong and we expect all parties to treat one another with patience and work out agreeable solutions to any issues that arise. If this is not possible please contact us for help with the dispute process.

Obviously QLDAF takes no responsibility for the items sold at auction or for the behavior of either buyers or sellers participating in the auction. All members participate at their own risk and we advice all members to use safe trading practices and buyers to do their due diligence on any item they purchase. We are here to help if things go wrong but realistically there is little we are able to do other than to take measures to prevent any re-occurrence in future auctions. We hope the 3 strike policy serves to establish some accountability and encourage all members to do the right thing in auction transactions, creating a safe and secure trading environment for future auctions.

Template for sellers:

Fish Details

Scientific Name -

Common Name (if known) -

Size -

Qty fish this lot –


Starting Price -

Sellers Details


State -

Suburb -

Postcode -

Shipping available?-

Shipping Cost-




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