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FS: Small Marine Tank All In One

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Sold, thanks!!

Up for sale is an all in one, everything you need Marine tank! :eyebrows:

I'm after $275

It's a Boyu 128L tank (less liters once there is live rock in there) with stand/cabinet

I've only had it for a little while but I've added a few things to the tank myself

But first, it does have some scratches on the glass, when I bought it I was worried about how it would look however it is never noticed once your tank is full of fish and corals! I can assure you...

So what's included is:

50cm cube boyu 128L tank with the sump system along the back of the tank

Upgraded 3W Cree LED lights x 24 with blue, purple and white which works on any corals, it's very bright!

Pump to run the sump along the back

Aragonite substrate

Filter media in the sump - sponge, crushed coral, Chemi-pure elite (cost me $30 for just that)

Little protein skimmer that fits in the back

Stand for the tank

Hydrometer - floating one with thermometer

UV sterilizer

This is how I was running the tank with a few fish and corals and it looked great :beer:

Contact: 0432 079 549

Here's an old picture when I first started putting in some base rock, live rock and coral


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well I am after

300G PhosBan

Jebao WP-40 13 000l Wave Pump WP-40

RO unit (guppies has the one I want for $99)

NO3:PO4-X Red Sea 1L

2 PhosBan Reactor 150

Seachem Purigen 500ml

but swap for cash would be even better :D

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well I haven't got any of your items listed as spare

I have a sales thread with 4ft sunsun tank,got nice driftwood ceramic furniture lights etc

some JDC transcriptus goombi fry (a bit small atm though)

however cash is always king I agree,just not seeing many buyers around atm :(


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