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I have two young green terrors (from the same lot of eggs) that have paired up and had babies themselves.

1) If I re-homed the mum (shes ugly, sorry) and kept a daughter (a better looking fish) would there be any problems between dad and daughter?

2) Could they breed ?

3) is that why the mum is ugly, inbreeding?

4) is this normal in the fish world?

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Yeah, the more diverse your genetics the less 'mongy' fry you'll get but you still need a quality fish not just diff genes. Sometimes trying to source new genetics can be difficult & obviously the rarer the fish the harder it is. I've had to order from an LFS to expand my T. Moliro genetics & to get a couple more Alto Comp Sumbus but it becomes expensive when ya have to get the LFS to order or import fish for ya.

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