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From Tropical comunity to malawi Cichlid tank and sump!

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Okay so this is going to be the first of my journy from the tropical to cichlid tank

I have already got some fish, 6 venustus, 6 electric yellow, 2 electric blue, 2 mpanga and 2 damosi. Which are in with my rainbow shark and 5 common bristlenose.

I have 3 more bristlenose comming tomorrow, and and hoping to get some red malawi cichlids in the next week (Got anything for sale, pm me!).

My tanks is a 4x2x2 with a 3ft sump. atm the tank is being run on powerheads because i am replaceing all parts of the sump and re-siliconing it.

Today i bought some sand, i have extremely thoroughly washed it and i also got some terracotta pots and rocks to redo my tank. i will be taking photos and adding them so if anyone has questions or advice, please ask or tell :D

Thanks Carlinapost-10699-14711629174657_thumb.jpg

These are my Before pictures.. Ill take more as i go!



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Look out, she's on her way to Malawi Madness :)

Nice start, decent mix of fish just be sure to set up diff territories, caves, hidey holes all over the tank to help with any possible aggression. Even a couple tall plastic or silk plants can break line of sight for any biffs. Same as bubble walls using long air stones.

As for red Malawi Cichlids you'll probably want hybrid peacocks, dragonbloods, strawberries etc. which I'm pretty sure the 2 most popular hybrid peacock breeders are donny@ageofaquariums & butch50 but I'm sure there are more around. They are just the 2 I always hear good comments bout their Malawi Peacocks.

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