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I have (or had) 3 Mwpimbe Frontosa in a large tank. They are roughly about 10ish cm I think - i'm not great on sizes.

All my research tells me that Fronts are generally placid creatures.

However, this week I lost one to bullying. And I'm now watching the same bully try to attack the other Frontosa.

I thought I was getting 3 males and thought that would reduce the need for jealousy.

However, it seems he is just being a nasty pasty and wants the tank for himself.

I'm having trouble sexing them.

Is it possible the 2 I have left are just doing a mating dance? Or if there a good chance one is trying to kill the other to be alone.

the one doing the chasing and biting is very grey looking and his dorsal fin is always up, the one being chased actually looks very attractive and is in a pretty blue still.

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