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Display 6x2x2 for sale- Toowoomba

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Hey guys unfortunately the time has come to sell my last tank. It is a display 6x2x2, perfect condition, no scratches, on a dark stained and varnished timber stand and hood. Comes with white calcarb gravel, several large dark holey rocks, a couple of bristle nose caves, aqua one 2700 uvc canister filter, internal filter, 300 w jäger heater, 4ft light. Looking for 800 bucks. For 1000 dollars all fish will be included. Fish include 1x sailfin pleco, 3 or 4 bristle nose, 3 small blue dolphins, 4 adult red empress, 5 sun adult dimi comps, 1 adult dimi strigatus, 3 sub/adult marble peacocks, 1 large featherfin catfish, 1 unknown species of tropheus. Contact is 0438799783. Cheers guys. Mick.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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