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First time for cichlids,suggestions appreciated :)

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Hi there all.

I have a 4ft tank which did house my Clown loaches and bristlenoses

but I have passed my loaches on as I was looking for a change.

I had intended to put Gouramis into the tank but someone suggested

African Cichlids would be a good idea.

I have about 15 Bristlenoses in the tank ranging from small to medium

and the gravel is a small caramel swirl colour if you will.

A few driftwood pieces with clay pipes and a cave or too.

I have been told too say pick 8 or so cichlids and put them

into the tank together and not over a period of time otherwise they will be

territorial. Any suggestions for a begginer which cichlids would go together well?



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If you go africans they will need to be quite small at first to prevent them killing the small bristlenose. They seem fascinated with the white tipped tails and tend to follow and peck at them. not a problem once they get some armor usually.

A thousand million different combinations of Africans that are potential stocking lists.......... can you narrow down what you want a bit perhaps?

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Not too sure on which type I would like

because I am looking to pick ones that

will hopefully get along with other cichlids

but I do have some small baby bristlenoses

at the moment so perhaps I should look for cichlid fry

as a starting point..

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