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Pair of Peppermints

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I need to make some room for new arrivals, so I've got a young pair of Peppermints which I've just paired up to find a new home.

Male 8cm nicely bristled up and young female 7cm, actually better make that 7.75 cm for $100.

Found another female in my tank 8cm so you can have your choice of females or even make it a trio, price on the trio to be negotiated. These will be ready to breed at this size.

0414 581 593 ring or text.


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Gee mate, that sounds like a bad case of bloat! I will buy them off you cheaply and medicate them if you like, save you the hassle of setting up a hospital tank, buying meds, etc? ;)

Good luck with the babies!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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