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for sale 3tier 9 tank +sump

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have for sale a 9 tank system with sump and sump media and sump pump it is an aqua pro AP4800F and its 480 litres an hour the tanks are 2foot by 1 foot paid $200 for sump and media alone then paid another $220 for sump pump alone all up this system cost me over $800 i know its not worth that but thats what i paid the tanks are a little bit rough a bit calcium stained but a great grow out system thats what i grew out all my l numbers in there is about 5-6 stockings full of macropore gold as well its not proper bulkheads as is a cheaper done bulkhead as had to cut off pipe at the back to pull the tanks out so may have to buy a couple of lengths of pipe to replumb it am looking for $200 for the lot there is no sponge filters with it or heaters or aerator as using them on a new system am in process of doing. pick up kallangur northside of Brisbane and yes it is $200 for the lot plz ring on 0434383586 as I don't get on here much anymore



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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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