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FS: 3 Tier Stand with Tanks

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Got an old home made stand with 2 tanks, have another tank that can go with it.

All sizes are so rough they might as well not be there.

(I cannot, for the life of me find a ruler/measuring tape, I'm using a piece of 20cm paper...)

Stand is 140cm high and 80cm long.

Tanks are:



Chasing $30 for all or trade for anything pretty much.

Pickup only or can deliver tomorrow morning or night to the Gold Coast for $20.

I'll try to get a pic soon..

Thanks, Finn

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Rustic, very mullumbimby, is it made of compressed hemp by any chance ? :dance:

I guess we'll have to wait and see, if it doesn't get taken in the next few weeks it'll be fire wood.

I thought someone might want just the tanks for $20?

They are in good condition, not many scratches and no cracks..

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10bucks :/ omfg what is the hobby coming to when you cant even get 20bucks for two tanks this size that hold water? who cares how bad the surrounds look, and they look pretty damn bad :P lol but trust old cheapskate money grubber to jump on it for 10 meezly bucks after probably stalking the post and not wanting to pay the bloke a meezly $20 for it :/ (did he offer you $5 for it when he got there be honest?) then he complains about getting grilled by the mrs :/ WTF! for shame! ,...............coz theres no doubt he was in the doghouse over 10bucks because he's an under the thumb B!t#h!,......the day a man gets told how to run his hobby esp when it comes to peanuts spent is the day he should hang himself,.....unbelievable.

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Still living for free out of mummy and daddys wallet? hey big spender! oh that's rite STEP daddys wallet wasn't it? the one wth the million dollar boat and where u get to live for free jez wat a tough life being looked after by daddy warbucks

You knucklehead go chew some more roids u idiot

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