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Hi Folks,

Can anyone tell me from the pictures attached if my little DRNS is either pregnant or sick?

I've not had them very long & I'm unsure if their breeding habits are similar to my RCS. If she/he has eggs they run the entire length of her body.

Thanks in advance Lisa.



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Sadly it looks more like a disease that I have seen occurring in both native wild shrimp, and cherry shrimp. It seems to be bought on by stress and or water quality. The shrimp pictured below was caught in a local creek during the peak of summer and really hot days, the creek had dwindled to a mere trickle so the heat and reduced volume of clean water as well as stress of compressed shrimp numbers may have all contributed to the illness in the one below.

I would remove your affected shrimp, because one of the illnesses that turns the insides of shrimp white is suspected of being transmitted via healthy shrimp eating the deceased ill shrimp, also breeding has been suggested as a way of transmission between shrimp.




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