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Time to let these little guys :baby:out into the big world so the 1st batch of A.Christyi (Malawi Hawk) are now available...they have just reached the 4cm mark and whilst being young:baby: they are strong,healthy and hardy and I have not lost 1 fish out of this batch!(fingers crossed and I think letting the mum hold for almost 3 weeks helped with the 1st stages of life:baby:)...Potential buyers please bear in mind that these are large Haps and will average out around 30cm in length requiring decent size tanks to house them accordingly.The Christyi are not as active as tyrannochromis and champsochromis as they will hide more amongst caves etc being an ambush predator so I would even say you could keep a trio in a 4x2x2 as long as you had large caves and rocks but yep the bigger the better as always :dance:..These are a rare Hap. and I have also advertised interstate so I don't expect they will last very long so get in quick QLD! :bolt:




The Kids:baby::



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How much each?

REGION: South Brisbane

PRICE : $25 each- 5 for $100

QTY : 60 Appx

SIZE : 4cm Appx

SEX : girls n boys


Absolutely gorgeous fish mate! Wish I had a big enough tank....

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I could use some more of these as u remember who u got them off awhile back goldenswimmers ;)

Pm me, cheers

Sorry mate my breeding group(only Christyi I have) came from "Neolamprologus" awhile back....so ????? :noidea: ?????

But anyways....

might be 10 or 15 left guys so get in quick if keen for a big sexy Malawi mbuna munchin predator


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