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chazycraig's pond.

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thought i'd put up my pond. this is the second go at it, original one had was full of goldfish, rainbows and livebearers i got from my next door neighbour. they all died when a near by plant flowered and the flowers dropped into the pond and poisoned them all. took me more than a year to redo and expand the original pond and am happy with it.

pond is approximately 2000 L with ALOT of rainbows and gudgeons and a few bn's (only seen 1 at any 1 time).

plants: water poppy, a lilly and the base is covered in val, watersprite, lucky bamboo.

substrate: river washed sand

few progress shots:

feb 05 2012


feb 13 2012


sept 30 2013


Current july 2013:


also got a 3ft tank outside with 9 white clouds 4 rainbow crimson spots 1 bn and 1 paradise.


outside shot:


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the driveway might be an issue if it were frequently used by alot of cars but it isn't wasn't even an issue from the first time the pond was made (had been running for more than 5 years).

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your pond is great craig, top effort there,

is it just that plastic lining holding it though??

and i've known the algae eaters to live in 8+ph tanks, and also set ups down to as low as 6.5ph so i imagine they are quite a tough and hardy fish and should do well in your pond !!

hope that helps lol,

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