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Trading Etiquette

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The members of QLDAF have put together some suggestions on how to use the trader, and gain a good reputation as a buyer and a seller:

When Selling:

1. Ensure all details of condition are truly represented.

2. If you have not measured accurately state so.

3. A photo is worth a thousand words, and can help you move your goods.

4. Make sure you know what kind of fish you are selling.

5. When selling tanks please provide full size details and not just "4ft" as an example

When Buying:

1. When making offers, be aware of the value of what you are buying. If unsure search for old ads.

2. Offers are better made by PM.

3. Before pick up check if they have bags and change. When you assume you make a.....

4. If running late either text or call.

5. Make sure you take the time to research the fish you are buying and make sure it is compatable with your other fish.

Some Common Terms

Bulk: Never mean 3-4, before assuming your offer is bulk consider asking the buyer what they consider bulk, maybe 100, maybe 10

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Just to add to this if you start a for sale post and you sell what you are advertising if you can go to the first post where you advertised and click on edit post (at the bottom of the post) and in nice big type put sold.

For instance click on the size box and select 7 and the box directly beside it with the A on it select the colour red then type sold.

If you do this it will look like this SOLD

This will help both sellers and buyers alike to save unnecessary requests, delays and responses - its just a nice thing to do for each other.

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