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Beautiful live rock.

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Have a look at this guys and gals, we found this is in two feet of water walking around in some rock pools. Don’t ask where, it’s just the extreme beauty of what the ocean can produce that I am showing and something big and beautiful that swam past!

I was looking for my favourite algae, the extreme blue/purple variety and after finding quite a few small sections of it, this turned up.

To some this may not look that nice, but to be fairly incrusted with my fav algae, to me there is near nothing prettier in the ocean

A piece of live rock like this approximately the size of a dinner plate,wow!

It wasn’t collected;I already had plenty of my fav algae, you can only take the algae out here, not calcium skeleton.

Oh and a near all white whale with blotchy colour around its face, and with spotted colour on the very top of its dorsel and a near black tail, the rest totally white, swam past and we thought its migalu,spelling?

But this one was only around 15 or so feet long and the one next to it a hell of a lot bigger!

No pics, we were on anchor having lunch when they zoomed past the boat. It looked like white water under the water as it went off into the distance, quite fast as well.

This is my fav.


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Was it a humpback?


The smaller one was near all white and was aprox 15 feet the other looked like maybe three times that size.

There were about 20 out there that day that stuck out like a saw thumb, other then these two.

I know folks love the whales, but all they mean to me is more killer whales and more large tiger and white pointer sharks.

Each year we see at least one killer whale pack roaming around the place when the hump backs start arriving.

In the early nineties we were going from one shallow reef to a deeper one and there was a standard breach in front of us in a commercial collectors 16 foot centre consol tiny and we slowed down and to wait it out and then the reason it was running, came up grabbed it as it went under.

The first was a small humpback and the one that grabbed it was a large killer whale.

Then killer whale went over as it took hold, it was powering much faster then the humpback as it grabbed it, most of it was out of the water as it went over and a massive splash in front of us and we got the hell out of there and went back the shallow reef.

I assume the poor littler humpback was trying to use the boat to avoid the killer whale and we nearly got sunk!

Of the hundreds of whales we see each year, I don’t get photos of them I just avoid them, even when they come right beside the boat and eye ball you.

That has happened so many times and it scares the hell out of me,especaily in deep water when you turn around at a well known shark site and there is a massive lump right there looking at you.

Where the two that we saw, including the whitish one swam past, I was right there just 20 minutes before that.

Usually they come around us and lazily have a look and are just plain annoying.

All I made of that was, I was just where they came through and why were they moving so fast?

I didn’t speak of my concerns to the guys, we just left.

The white pointers are in much greater numbers when they are around.

I would have gotten a quick pic of the white one if they went past when I was there and got the hell out of there.

When you have a lot to do with ocean, you know that teeth follow the whales!

There is more about whales and their predators from our dive trips, but it is a little gory!

Sorry for the over abundance of words, but I didn’t want any one thinking I have no interest in the whales being near me, with out a good reason.

I went on a whale watching trip once for my wife, at least the weather was nice that day.

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I was texting to a guy on another forum yesterday and he said that it is common for a new born-young humpback to come as white and change over a three year period to normal colouration?

I don’t know, but that one was quite small.

I have just one tat,I drew it up and got it done a long time ago of all the oceans types of waves in one design with cyclone in the centre making all of them.

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