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South east queensland aquarium society collecting trip (rock

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Aandtsociety June 21st rock pool trip.

A day that should have been a complete dud,ended up being a good day,even with the bad weather,we were able to fit the visit to the pools in with out getting wet!

We got there one after the other from 11.00 on, Danny the club pres was first dropped off by his other half, than myself and my other half after visiting my father at Maroochydore, some more clubbies and the last was Kit.

The tide was very low, so straight away we were into checking out the area for some algae, clean up crews and fish food.

The clean up crews we find there are made up of several types of snails including limpets, yellow clawed small hermit crabs, lawn mower blennies, that type of thing.

Danny brought up an interesting point, he used to use limpets for bait while living on Stradbroke Island in days gone by, and any thing that is excellent bait is also good fish food, so I got some to give it a whirl.

The conspict in Marks marine swimming pool should like the Cunjivoe and the limpets we got, hopefully?It would be great to give such a beautiful fish a treat!

The surf was a bit full on and the water not that clear, but for keen collectors and fish food fossickers, that was no problem.

We got some nice caulerpa, coralline algae, a few lawnmower blennies a shrimp or two, Cunjivoe and some molluscs, and had lots of good fun, adventure, marine creature education and our hobby very much enhanced.

After a long low tide hunt it was time for lunch and just before it rained we headed home.

The clubbies searching for their catches.


A few of the lawn mower blennies seen on the day.


Some algaes from the area.


xenia here is quite abundant,blue and grey!


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