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Deal of the Day - Aquael PFN10000 PLUS DC Motor - RC Flow Controller. Today only....

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And then along came these aquael pumps and made everything better!

This it it hey, the future.

The point where pumps become cheap to run, and feature rich.

You can tailor the flow and power usage to perfectly match your system. No need to use any more than you need!

Need to play with the sump? press the kill switch and its off! Press it again and its on!

No need to wet your hands or mess with the power board.

All this with European build quality, in a robust pond pump.

Simply remove the leaf guard, and you have a compact indoor sump pump with an excellent head height.

This thing can get dirty and soldier on. It aint a delicate little flower of a thing.

Its a solid tool, a proper strong heart to sit at the centre of a modern system.

Efficient, new, reliable, feature rich technology.

Why settle for less?

We get it first at AOA and we price it to make it available to YOU.

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