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Longfin Albino Bristlenose

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Longfin Albino Bristlenose

Larger ones are approximately 9 months old.

I CANNOT guarantee the sex of these fish at this size.

You are more than welcome to pick one you think is female.

3-4cm fry - $8 ea

Older juvies - $16-20 ea

See photos for size range.




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Can you give me a price for 6 ?...Also is the list under neath in bold font other fish you have for sale ?

If so can you price me on 2 of the Peppermint , 2 of the Orange Spot and 20 of the Cherry Shrimp.



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I'm interested in a couple of the juvies. Can you sex them as yet because I'd like a pair.


Do you have any females
Can't guarantee a female at that size.

You're welcome to choose the fish you want.

There's definitely some females in there.

You will pay $40+ for a guaranteed sexable Albino Longfin Bristlenose adult.

If I could guarantee the sex of them for you they would be selling for at least $40.

I only have sub-adults for sale.


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