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Angries Breeding Project

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Gudday Folks,

Late last year I started to collect some quality females to breed with my male flowerhorn. Thanks to members here, particularly [MENTION=4247]Matmatmat[/MENTION] [MENTION=6774]john22[/MENTION] [MENTION=4899]Yodapwnsasmurf[/MENTION] I have ended up with 4 girls!!

I have set myself the challenge of breeding my male with each of the girls that I have. On it's own, not a real outstanding achievement, I know.... but this is only the first goal of many.

At some point a few weeks ago, I had my first batch of fertile eggs which hatched and promptly died due to a heater malfunction.

Currently I have a batch of fry growing from this female:

affectionately known as "Agent Orange"

1st gen kamfa (Purple flame x BP) Bred by the mad scientist Yoda


Today (and probably the reason for this post) I have my next batch of eggs laid by this girl:

KML x ZZ/Fader known as "GT" Bred by the legend MatMatMattothemattymat


Pretty excited to already be halfway to my first little goal.

Next up is either Unfaded KML x zz/fader (who I tried to pair up with my male already and failed) or my old BP girl (back from John)

Anyways as a teaser, here is some photos of the next two girls on the list! (please keep woof whistling to a minimum :applause: )



(Note: I have previously bred my male with this Bp but the eggs weren't fertilized (months ago))

Not the most flattering pics, I sure aint no photographer and my samsung galaxy phone certainly aint no DSLR but should give a reasonable idea of what I'm on about...

Space is always going to be an issue (especially with Flowerhorns) and I really hadn't expected GT to lay so quickly, especially since I failed to get her sister to pair with my male.... The latest batch of eggs I was pairing them up for only 4 days!!

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Beautiful fishies mate.

I have a fader female fairly similar to the second girl above (that I think I got from Buddy) now paired with a second gen red texas but not a great mum. Maybe Matt bred her - given the similarity? Is the parrot girl BP or KKP or a bit of both? Great colour and body (wolf whistle), wish I had her.

I have added pics of the FH fader, what I call KKPs (the pair) and BP?




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Nice fish Kieth!

I bought her as a Bp so that's what I'm calling her... I think the only difference between kkp and Bp is size?? (correct me if I'm wrong) Haven't ever seen a Bp over 15cm but Kkp can get 30+cm.... She has topped out at about 15cm give or take...

Our fader girls could be related you'd have to ask Buddy if he got her from Mat...

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I say KKP have a few different traits.

Closing mouth, Squarer body, less head notch and generally bigger.

Pretty sure my girls mouth closes properly.. I'd better look again... I'm not a fan of the crazy head notch either... maybe I should call my fish a Kkp :flame:

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Cheers Kasman,

Goals on the wrigglers: shorter fins, squarer body, shed loads of pearls and hopefully atleast semi solid body color once faded...

Have to wait and see how they turn out I guess...

I have a shorter bodied male growing up that will one day be part of the next step (hopefully)

The eventual goal would be something like my all time favourite fish (pic'd below) not that I think I have much chance to get something as good as this but you gotta have a goal :D


This guy is pretty special aswell :D I think a mid point between these two fish should be achievable in the long run...


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I had one spawn from the little fader "GT" but there was very few eggs on the plate (I figured (possibly incorrectly) she is just a newb and will do better next time) ended up losing the 20 odd wrigglers that hatched to fungus... :( Failure 1.

I just spotted the BP laying eggs and my friggen male is eating eggs and spreading the remainders all over the tank. This could be why the faders eggs ended up all over the shop... I conclude another unsuccessful batch of eggs as he isn't shimmying or anything resembling "getting jiggy with it" just munchin and making a mess.... Whats worse is he isn't hungry! I have been powerfeeding them to condition up to lay (he is one fat *******!!) :( Failure 2.

I see a diet and some solo treatment in the naughty corner in Raiden's future... lol

In other news, my first batch of fry from Agent Orange is doing really well.. most fry are about 1cm and powering on.... Success 1.

Three steps forward, two steps back! Progress is progress, I'll take it how ever it comes :D

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lol, You never know these things unless you prove them... which is what I'm trying to do...

Stupid fish isn't playing the game though... maybe he is sick of his Stud position (such a hard life, getting it on with different girls every other week)...

Maybe some time in solitary will do him good?

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Hahaha! An entertaining read for me and a good laugh but sad times for you mate. Bugger! Raiden needs a good talking too. Munching on eggs when ya not hungary is a disgrace!

Lol, atleast someone is entertained! :P Seriously though... his stomach is bulging... It's ridiculous...

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