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FS: Drilled 6x2x2 Display, 3x15x18" Sump, Custom Stand

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Hey guys,

Getting out of fish, temporarily or otherwise, and have my drilled/sumped 6x2x2 for sale.

Tank was built and purchased from Mick at the Brickworks centre in Southport in early 2010.

This is a full display, but I'm willing to split depending on interest, here's a list of what you can expect.

- 6x2x2' Glass setup, drilled with a 25mm hole at each end, rear is fully painted black. Full lids with handles. I won't hide that tank has scratches as a result of fine sand substrate, but I'd still consider it display quality - inspections welcome. They are visible under direct light but in general operation un-noticeable.

- 4x Bulkheads, 2 in the tank and 2 in the sump. Tank bulkheads have drain attachments inside the tank. Sump has spraybar attachments (drilled PVC).

- TWO 2x39W 3' Hagen GLO setups with 1x LifeGLO and 1x PowerGLO tubes in each. Lights come with boxes and all accessories.

- Eheim Compact+ 5000 (adjustable up to 5000L/h) pump. For return, it is plumbed with flexible hose into a Fluval FX5 nozzle. Pump comes with box.

- 3x15x18" Glass sump - Basic setup with a single large bio area with lips for eggcrate trays (which are provided) that your mechanical sits on. I'd get photos but the sump is covered in 10mm foam for insulation and it's currently plumbed in. Single baffle into return area which is large enough to house multiple 300W Jager heaters, as provided.

- Full media for the sump, including basic mechanical. It's a bit of a mix up in buckets currently but there's at least 10L of Seachem Matrix, some Eheim Bio mixed in, and ceramic noodles. 2 10L buckets full.

- Custom wooden stand, please see photos. Plenty of story space. No hood.

- 2x 300W Eheim Jager heaters provided with box.

I've also got a bunch of stuff that you can take with it, including a solid arrangement of New Life Spectrum food (Thera+A, Wafers, Grow, Small Fish Formula & more), 25W Jager heater, battery powered air pumps with unused batteries (never needed them), API/Hagen test kits (all the usuals, plus gH/Phosphates from memory), 25L drums, smaller pumps, Eheim spares etc. I've also included a photograph of a few amazing pieces of Mangrove that you can take (worth $100+ alone).

Would like this gone as soon as possible. Once I know it's going I'll need to cut the plumbing and remove the sump for a clean, but it's ready to go otherwise. You'll need a few friends to move it, and multiple trips (or a large trailer) for the stand.

Price Drop: $600, but happily taking offers. Need it gone.

Pickup is from Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast. Please respond via reply or PM.




If you would like any photos of anything in particular, please let me know and I'll happily provide.



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