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Swap / EOI: Petenia Splendida (red Bay Snooks)

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Petenia Splendida (red bay Snooks)

Somewhat already bored with the snooks as I really couldn't be stuffed trying to pair them up, so I'll chuck it up and see how I go IDEALLY for a swap but welcome to pm offers on the 3 snooks.

These haven't bred for me or paired up. They need to be ALL SOLD TOGETHER as If I decide to swap or sell I don't wanna be stuck with excess ones.

2 about the 20cm mark Male and female and one big female about the 27cm mark I recently brought off here. She has a split in her tail but it's healing and will just take some time to prefect again.

Genuine interest and I'll take some pics.

Would like a Breeding pair of Americans already paired up and ideally have had fry before.

PM me some offers of what you have. I can only say no if it doesn't interest me but ideally would like something colourful or more festae (I think I'm addicted to them lol)

Pick up is Kallangur



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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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