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Hey guys started fixing up one of our ponds last weekend.

Managed to get the filter looking nice too!


The bromeliad is in it's own pot.

The rush is taking most of the water through its own pot. Then I have used old filter matting and bio balls to fill in the rest.

Filter is working great! Cleared it up over night now it's just full of tannins.


Still need to dress it up a big more but overall I'm fairly happy with the way it's turned out!

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I'm not to sure yet. Depends how successful the solar heater is.

The pond is 2000mm by 700mm wide. So I'm hoping it keeps the heat overnight.

Most likely rainbows. Other wise some red & white koi swordtails If I can find some half decent ones.

Honey blue eyes will be going in one of the 200L black tubs after I source some. And most likely hi fin platys in the other.

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