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Help with lighting

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Hi all,

I am looking for some advice, I have a 48x18x18 planted aquarium, I would like help with the lighting. I am running a low tech setup, I currently use flourish root tabs and have just started dosing excel for a small bba outbreak.

I would like a low light fixture I think. I have anubias, Val's, crypts, java moss and some sad looking swords that I am trying to save. Photo period is 8 hours total, 4 morning and night. Current light fixture us Aqualina Slimline LED 36inch, this came with the tank.

What light fixture would you recommend?

Thanks for your help.


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Try one of these, I have 1 of these over my 4ft planted tank, blue LEDs add good color enhancement light level is low.:ranger:

8k wht/453nm blu combo 12" LED's for sale (American Plugs)

Must have an adaptor to use these; adaptor costs approx. $9 from Kmart etc,

$30 each + $9 freight (from Wauchope NSW)


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hey sorry, ive been away a few days :)

The lights i linked put out a lot of light, probably a lot of overkill for light light plants. But the more light, the

more room you have to upgrade if you ever deceide to go that way - and you can always just remove bulbs

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I have purchased 2 x 14w White/Blue LED grow panels, my tank same size as yours heavily planted, instead of CO2 I am going to plant up a chamber in the sump and run it on alternate cycle so have a tank producing CO2 and other O2 at all times; I am going to replace the Fluro tube for my sump with red/blue LED 'tube'- far less wattage and heat and good growth.

I used LEDs successfully for corals in same tank (ran 100W plus 1 T5 actinic so am running on about 1/2 the wattage with new lights)

link to ebay page below

Blue RED Orange White 225 LED Plant Grow Light Panel Hydroponic Garden Lamp 14W | eBay

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Hope I'm not to late I can only say is stick to the basic's this is what I have tried and had success with

T8 - 1.5 to 2 watts per gallon

T5 - 1 to 1.2 watts per gallon

1+ watt leds emitters (bridgelux or cree brand) 0.5 to 0.7 watts per gallon evenly spread (this does not include smd led/smd led flood light as they have a 0.08 watt led emitter each hence why I put 1+ watt led emitter above totally different kettle of fish)

I've tried all these lights and this seems to be about right for the watt per gallon as long as you don't go above 45cm high it will work and also I've never tried led flood lights so I can't comment on it.

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