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FS: Mini "bonsai" wood branch & aquascaping rocks

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Great mini "bonsai" tree wood branch and aquascaping rocks!

SOLD The branch:

Angle 1


Angle 2


Angle 3


SOLD! $20, pick up only from Coorparoo. This branch is from a reputable fish store. It has never been in a tank.

The rocks:

Way too many rocks to be able to photograph all their different angles, but if you're seriously interested I can take a few photos of specific rocks for you.

Best to come see them!

Open to all offers.

**Pics moved to my post below as they weren't working**

I also have a 3ft x 18" x 18" rimless, braceless tank for sale!

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Rocks are totally negotiable - make an offer!

**Edit: as a rough guide, I'm thinking $1 to $5 per rock, depending how large/cool it is and how many you buy.**

I don't know what kind of rocks they are. As far as looks go, there are a few types;

(1) Black with light stripes - several of these are shaped like rectangular prisms, mostly smooth sides

(2) Light greys with reds, remind me of fossilised wood, very textured surfaces, quartzy

(3) Orange-white, I think of these as "brain" rocks because they are lumpy bumpy like a brain and fairly rounded

(4) A lava rock with hole

(5) Darker grey quartzy-looking ones

Hopefully these attachments will work now:

Lava rock:


Darker grey quartzy-looking ones + the orangey-white "brain" ones:


Lighter grey ones with bits of red, look a bit like fossilised wood:


Black stripey ones:


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