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F1 breeding colony of Blue Namansi Fornnies + 2 fry

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Complete sell up of everything I have related to fish including the breeding colony of fronnies +2 small fry, 3 Gold spot Plecos, 6 foot tank complete with stand, hood, lids, internal filter + 300 Watt heater, 4 foot twin light, 4 log ornaments, 2 foot fry tank + Fronnie fry, stand, hood, lids, heater, 4 outlet air pump & 2 sponge filters, including all cherry shrimp, another small fry tank, stand & hood, about 4 spare heaters various sizes, sponge filters, battery operated gravel cleaner, 3 good size nets, Ph test kits, everything for $1000, contact via Pm, thanks, PICK UP ONLY. Jeff !

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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