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The guys got their makers and a funny story.

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Recently the guys got a shipment of these pictured wave makers and then a second shipment that they were chasing numbers for.

Well it turns out they didn’t need the numbers, it all happened in house.

Any way from the first shipment they bought, one of the guys brothers wanted one for his aquarium, he got one and put it in his and turned it on and the water started coming out left right and centre, he put one in a two and a half foot tank,lol,and set it up wrong as well.

You could surf in the tank I was told,lol.

These things put out from 4200 litres up to 13000 litres, that’s a lot of movement in a tiny aquarium, that’s why I didn’t get any, it would blast the water out of my little aquariums.

Al the guys and gals that got some say their corals,zoas,morphs and so on have never looked so good.

These wave makers are sold here in Auz from around $20 more, it’s the controllers that I am told are new on these and not sold here yet?

Any way they got a good deal,$90 each to their door, a warranty and they work really good I hear, not the sort of thing for my little tanks though,lol,plus I only use the good gear, the cheap equipment usually fails.

I will keep you updated on how they go over time and I am told that the auto-random mode on them is brilliant?.







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