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The ultimate cleaner shrimp!

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The leadrites cytorhynchus is the only true cleaner shrimp.

Until the other night when one or two of our club members were raving on about these, now that a couple of them were shown where to get them, I never really said much on them except to other club members.

One of the guys has had some now for some months and he can’t believe how amazing they are, as he says.

They are the only cleaner that will pop the white spot blisters, no other cleaner fish or shrimp will do that, due to these being quite toxic.

Most people think cleaner s help with white spot, they don’t, they just handle other parasites and clean up they dead skin around where the blister was.

I first started using these as cleaners by accidentally finding they did this when I caught some from Kirra reef back in 81, when there was a Kirra reef!

I have never seen them for sale, not that it doesn’t mean they aren’t, just if you ever see any, get some, the fish wont hurt them generally and they will properly clean your fish of everything, more or less.

Just be warry, both lysmata shrimp, the pep and red line species will try to kill them.

In tank.



They are in this thread as well.


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