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New toowoomba - darling downs

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I'm not exactly a nooby, having had experience breeding some small South American cichlids and keeping some Aussie natives, I also keep a decent size invert & reptile collection, I've just moved to toowoomba and the mrs and I are wanting to get back into some fish, my question is who is in darling downs area particularly toowoomba & who is breeding what?

Looking into getting multi tier 4/5ft system and 1-2 2-3ft multi tier racks made (don't know where yet or how much), fish wise the mrs is soley interested on L-hundred number catfish and peppermint bristlenose, I have a profound interest in apistogramma, Egyptian mouth brooders and some central/south American cichlids primarily electric blue dempseys and green terrors

Email: envenreptiles@gmail.com

Facebook: ctallowin@bigpond.com (email not in use anymore but still attatched to my Facebook)

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Welcome to the forum mate, nice taste in fish, I'll always be a sucker for Apistogramma types even with my Rift Lake addiction, they're awesome lil fish :)

Good luck with all your breeding mate, plenty of breeders on here you can get ideas of their setups, ask Q's etc.

Have fun :D

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