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F.S. 6x2x2. Fx5. 2-6ft lights.

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Im selling out of my display tank.

So I have it all for sale

6x2x2 has a crack across the front and would only be good for a reptile enclosure the crack was right through but it didn't leak any water. Selling for $50

FX5 great condition. Never had a problem with it all media there you can replace it if you want. But its doing well. Ill try and find the dvd that came with it as well.

Selling for $275

2. 6ft lights. Each has 2. 3ft bulbs. All in perfect working order. Selling for $80 each.

Going to do a sand and paint of the stand and hood to freshen it up a bit. Then will sell in the future. Keep an eye out.

Pick up from chermside. Can prove that lights and fx5 are in working order.

I also go to Mt gravatt afew times a week. So can meet you there but no power so cant show you items working.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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