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Finally, Fish in my new 6x2x2

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Bought on flea bay and finally refinished and tweaked it.

Thanks to gpodge, rastinger and derpwit for the great deals.




While cycling


With fish


Grow babies grow!

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Just be careful with the intake for fx5 as ita close to the sand, you dont want gish stirrin it up too much near it.

Apart from that it looks nice. What are the fish?

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Thanks guys

Stocked with

15cm loach that's been in every tank I've had since landing in oz

3x juvie loaches

2x4cm tiger oscars

3x4cm convicts

3x4cm salvinis

4cm JD

4cm green terror

10cm sailfin pleco

Couple corys and Siamese algae eaters left over from discus tank shutdown

As you can see quite tiny

Looking to start a community american tank ( loaches were for my kids, they love em)

I expect some casualties and hope to add a jag soon and maybe a couple festae


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Thought I'd update this, from the original cast these are what's left

Still got the jags, at about 20cm both getting along fairly well

Lost 1 convict ironically the other 2 who paired up and breed regularly killed it

2 salvini paired up and breed, and the other stays well away from them.

Oscars doing pretty good around 25cm mark

JD a bit shy but stays out of trouble

Loaches surprisingly thriving

Sailfin albino pleco in there somewhere, occasionally catch a glimpse of him

Losses: lost both SGTs, I suspect the GT, who in turn got his from the Jag.

Sadly, though I nursed him back to health intending to swap, he made a bid for freedom from an uncovered bucket and was lost.

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