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A Big Hello to everybody from brickie02

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I just wanted to say hi to everybody in the QLDAF ,since ive became a member ive met some very helpfull people and brought some great fish off of them, they include Sealordlau, Christo, Waltec, Markzx9, WhoWer, Creter, Gurds .At the moment a 5ft, a 4ft, and four 3fters,not to sure why it think i have the addiction lol ive got 10 frontosas,6 electric yellows and 10 blues,9 common bristlenose,10 calvus,2 blue dolphins, 2 orange bemba tropheus, 1 tropheus dubousi, 4 clown loaches. I live on the nth side off brissy and yes im a bricklayer (didnt listen at school)i dont know that much about aquaiums but im getting there thanks to QLDAF

thanks for your time regards steve

P.s and im now the new owner off 14 peppermints thanks to peppermint

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hi steve so did the missus forgive you or are you still in the doghouse :lol::lol:

havent seen you in chat so i thought you might still be in the poo

hope all is going well for you and the new hobby but it is all down hill now :lol::lol: it will be fish fish fish

catch up soon mate


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hey mate welcome to the forum (my fave outta the bunch)

well i just gvot home from a party tthat just got broken up by a whole heap of cops with drug dogs

yeah thats quite a collection im spending $320 tomorrow on 4 more 4ft tanks and stands lol

its an addiction

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