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Big Tanks @ BARGAIN PRICES limited time offer!

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I have a friend who needs to move TOMORROW.

Problem is they have a heap of big tanks.

So its a tomorrow only pickup.

If you can't pickup tonight/tomorrow

theres no point calling!

Her number is 0412952439 and she will be in and out of reception

Try to call and if you dont get through, send an sms.

Tank one is an 8 footer that is I think 70cm wide and 70cm high

Its on a heavy duty metal stand.

Tank two is a high backed tank that can be setup as a waterfall jungle.

From memory its actual aquarium part is about 4 foot long, 3 foot wide and about 2 foot high.

This tank is quite heavy, but an excellent display.

Tank three is a standard 6x2x2 on a timer cabinet

All tanks are open for reasonable offers. The 8 footer is a stunner and a super reluctant sale, so dont expect to get it for pennys.

I realise the measurements I have given are vague, and I have no pictures.

but thought I would put this up to help out a friend.

She is a forum member on here (debree420) but has no internet at the moment due to chaos of the move.

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Yea she would definitely prefer to keep the 8 footer as she was planning to setup at new place.

But time has run out on her and I think the whole trying to organise everything with a baby on one arm hasnt helped.

Especially since she is still working as the fish chick running brookfield pets&produce during the move.

The main problem though is her new house is at brookfield and the mobile phone reception there is terrible.

Just makes actually organising stuff with lots of people difficult.

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Shame I'm not closer I'd be happy to help. Big ups to all those that are helping her keep the tanks, glad to see that kindness & the good old Aussie 'we'll get her done' attitude is still alive & well. Kudos ppl :clap2::clap2::clap2::clap2::clap2::clap2::clap2:

Glad you get to keep your aquaria DeBree, there's some awesome ppl on here (your signature is bloody gold too! lmfao)

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Yea deadlines over pretty much as keys go back tomorrow.

I dunno pretty broken at the moment.

Went out tonite and drained the last tanks.

Murphys law hit pretty hard unfortunately

All I could really do was shut everything down.

Ended up taking the livestock back to my place and finished setting up some holding tanks 5 minutes ago.

So what ever happens her fish are here waiting for her.

On the plus side the kids managed to sell and move the 6x2x2

pretty epic effort actually, so yes kudos on that

but by time I got there....... all I could really do was stare at the big tanks.

All the suction cup handles in the world werent gonna help me move them by myself.

Pretty brutal reminder of how hard it is to organise anything these days without mobile phone or internet access.

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Bugger! I was waiting for an address or phone call or something, had a bad feeling that no news was not good news this time around.

Im keen for one last minute ditch effort, what time do the keys go back? I can bring a truck to get the tanks in one hit if we could get the manpower there first thing, or after 3pm.

It aint over yet ppl, lets save this!

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Well my car won't be rego'd til Mon or Tues (dramas, QLD>NSW transfer...) & I know how far away I am but if someone wants to pick me up I'd be happy to do more than just pull my weight. My ID isn't one of those ironic 'big cos he's small' type names, I can hold my end of a BIG tank & am happy to help, no payment or beers required (especially since I can't drive up myself). My mobi is 0411 414 634, call me, txt me whatever, if I can help I'm happy to.

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This is still on tonight 6pm!!! call me or message if you can pitch in and help out

Bree is a grate member of the fish world community always willing to help out a friend and I personally would like to help her out and repay the favour

Thanks Stew 0466591796

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