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3 teir Tank rack 6x2x1 and 2 3x1x1 4 foot sump

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Getting out of fish and have decided to get rid of my big set up.

Top tanks

2 @3x1x1. Tanks are drilled with 20mm holes

Middle tank 6x2x1

Tank is drilled with 25mm holes with a 5foot spray bar

Bottom level 4foot sump with 10 000lph sump pump

All on a custom pallet rack stand very solid. And if needed to move easy to pull down and move.

2x 3foot t3 twin lights

80kg of black quat gravel

4 large gold vine pieces

Also the top tanks are full of ss+ tiger tooth crs round 30 /40 and other tanks is full of Rcs and bristle nose all will be sold with the set up. Aswell as plants

Anubis nana/ large Anubis/ 7small gold vine covered in moss.

Will be selling alot of gear with this set up 4 25mm bulk heads and strainers heaters want to get out of fish and into more fishing

Price $850 Ono




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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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