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My Shrimp Haven (Pic Heavy)

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Well as some of you may know from my multitude of "help needed" threads, I dabble in the planted aquarium/aquascaping side of the hobby. With somewhat less-than-satisfactory results sometimes haha. But my offshoot of the planted tropical tank is the shrimping side of things. I bought 10 red cherry shrimp off Msc0433 a while back, all of which were healthy and a lovely red colour. They thrived in my communal aquarium, but as you all know once you get 1 tank it doesn't stop there.

So I set about making my own shrimp-only tank, so the cherries could live in a crustacean utopia of sorts, and not fear that their little shrimplings would be eaten by tetras. I sourced a second-hand tank, used some rocks I had lying around, left over plants, gravel and lighting, and created a tank I am actually pretty happy with other than the small amount of algae (good LED lighting) and a metric firetruck-load of damn dirty snails. I have already culled the snails once, but when I get a full day off soon I think I will have to get them again!

There are currently probably 30-40 cherries happily living in here, breeding like rabbits as they do. It's amazing how sometimes you will just see small shrimplets that must only be a week old at the most, yet no females were pregnant in the week preceding your noticing them. Somewhat immaculate conception shrimp I guess?

Here's the tank specs:

- 20L Aquaone Tank (I think?) with a built in rear sump/bio filter

- 150W Heater set to 23degrees concealed at the back

- 2 x 6500K LED Bars retrofitted in the hood lighting socket

- Some crypt I had too many of in my main tank, Susswassertang, Hydrocolyte tripartita, Riccia fluitans to soak up excess nutrients, Java Moss, Staurogyne repens

Full Tank Shot


Another Full Tank Shot


Some small crypts and Hemianthus micranthemoides I am testing in the tank


A Riccia rock I am experimenting with


One of the oldest babies with its saddle already, more shrimp on the horizon!


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Cheers guys. Yeah the Hydrocolyte was a pain to plant individually but I am glad I did. I actually want it to grow a bit taller so it adds a nice stemmy forest on that side of the tank. But with no ferts / carbon source it is fairly slow growing, which doesn't really worry me. I am forever trimming the java moss, and it loves a good hacking. Eventually I want it to grow all the way up the log, but it might take a while...

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