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Homemade Ferts!

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So guys... has anyone done this before? Results/ Recipes would be awesome!

Currently im looking at the PMDD (Poor Mans Dosing Drops) wich includes:


- 1 Tablespoon Chelated Trace Mix

- 1 Tablespoon MgSO4 (Epsom Salt)

- 2 Tablespoon K2SO4 (Sulphate of potash)

- 1 Tablespoon KNO3 (Stump remover... The main ingredient in home made bombs...)

Now, I have a few problems. The first being that Potassium Nitrite (KNO3) is considered a dangerous substance and no one want to sell it to a 21yr/old

walking around in jeans and thongs... The second being the Chelated Trace mix, as it cannot contain Phosphorus (P) or Nitrogen (N) as they both lead to

excessive algae (Nitrogen is usually an ammonium salt as well = dead fish), which rules out most hydroponic concoctions.

What I did find is:

- Epsom Salt

- Manutec, Potassium Sulphate (41% Potassium, 18% Sulphur)

- Searles, Trace Element Mix (7% Magnesium Sulphate, 3.5% Iron Sulphate, 1.2%Copper Sulphate, 1% Zinc Sulphate, 0.08% Boron (Borax),

0.0039% Molybdenum (Molybdate). Total Sulphur is 11.86% as sulphates)

- Searles, Iron Chelate (13% Iron as EDTA)

Now, the trace mix is not chelated, but it is 100% water soluble... so im hoping that should work, worst case is copper sulphate poisoning, but doses are

going to be quite small (1.2% of a tablespoon, mixed into 500mL of water, given at 2 drops a day. lol) and all the snails will die off first :D. Also, because

its also high in Magnesium, I don't see the need for the Epsom salt, so it wont be used, and instead I will substitute more iron in with the chelate.

I found a few threads on PMDD buuuut yea :D

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I just use seachem equilibrium for a trace mix at 1/4 teaspoon per 20 gallons per week with a non co2 tank, triple the dose for co2 injected and spread out over 3 doses through the week, I also mix in chelated iron Fe3 13% (EDTA chelator) 1/32 teaspoon per 30 gallons (120 litres) for 0.5ppm dose if my iron test kit is correct that is.

For no3 (nitrates) and po4 (phosphate) I just use the fish I don't worry about dosing nitrates or phosphates the fish do it for me I've got the chemicals to dose it but I've hardly touched it :D also I use the EI (estimate index) fertilise schedule if your wondering.

You could try something else for a trace mix but it's easy for me to go buy equilibrium and theirs no messing around with doses or wondering if bad for my tank as made for aquariums use.

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