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lol the infamous queensland shortface strikes again.

Not sure what causes it.......... but in the last few years I have seen it in a lot of species AND in a lot of fishrooms.

It aint a bad mark against a breeders name if they get a batch or 2.

But it is a bad mark if they then sell instead of culling those fish.

Heres my only experience with the bloody things


Here is perhaps the most likely reason

06-07-2010, 09:18 AM #21


re: Lake Malawi & Lake Tanganyika - Water Comparison

The short faces is caused by the lack of correct minerals in the water. Now that with the introduction of flouride our water is processed more taking out all minerals in nearly evry area in qld the kh is coming out of that tap at 0kh in rare times 2kh.

The 2 main ingredients that cause short faces is calcium and phosphorus. These work together when absorbed by the fish to help with bone structure. When one or the other is missing it causes the short face.

I found an article dated back to 1983 that compared the use of the comercial buffers and diy buffers and said this was the main downfall of dyi buffers. This article was written by a phd man and in a magazine havent been able to find a link on any website. To show bt it has been written. One of te beauties of having magazines dating back to the early 70's.

Although I have heard so many theories now that I am just as confused as ever!

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