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First of all hi to every one, this is my first salt water attempt so any advice would be much help

but first of all this is the set up i just brought


4x2x2 with stand and hood

dual head wave maker

Aqua one protein skimmer

canister filter with built in uv

power head

t5 lights



paid $400

as i dont know much about salt water i hope i got a good deal

so first things first................where to and what to do now?

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I looked at that tank just fill it up with water first to c if that back seal leaks it looked like it did I have a aqua one g220 skimmer on my 5x2x2 tank and a aqua one canister filter u may have to change the media in the canister filter it has been siting for a while so good luck with the tank and have some fun with it

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what do you want a reef tank or fish only ?

if fish only chuck some live rock or base rock in for some hiding spots for fish and fill with saltwater and use that Aqua one protein skimmer and

canister filter

if reef tank with corals get live rock, better skimmer ( the Aqua one protein skimmer is **** for reef tanks) and get a sump/refugium

t5s lights will be fine if running quads

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