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FS, assortment of plants

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Java ferns, grown on wood, $10 ea. (seachem bottle as height ref.) pick up only SOLD


Anubia nana grown on wood several available, $10 ea. SOLD


Ambulia, 8 stems per bunch, 6 bunches, $4 ea.

Also available Java moss, $2 small bag

Hornwort, $2 large bag

Amazon swords, 5 at 10cm, $3 ea. SOLD

All plants grown in my own low tech tanks.

Shipping SE QLD only, price depending on what you buy.

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If that anubias nana pictured is only $10 that is an absolute bargain.

RE: anubias on wood - with care the plant can be removed from the piece of wood. For example the pictured anubias could be split into multiple new plants for tying to various hardscape.

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