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Home made Huge Filter

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hey guys

just wanted to share one of my early DIY Filter builds , yes i know it was rather excessive and a pain in the back side to clean the media , but hey this really worked and worked great on my marine set up , was tested on my fresh water tank 1st.

on the marine tank it was just filled with bio stuff with a bit of mech up the top so it was easy to change.

things you build when your out of cash and your tanks are going crap and got plenty of time and pvc lol

was all power'd from a 2600Lph power head with hose attachment into the top, then the water would gravity feed back up the other pipe and back into my tank






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have not got a pic of that mate , this was a few years ago , but all i used was a power head inside the tank , pushed some hose on the output of the power head then connected hose on top of filter.

just remember the higher you go with the hose above the powerhead the less flow rate, and make sure the input to the filter is higher then the output of the filter that way gravity will feed the water out back into your tank and if power turns off , it does not continue to flow and over flow your tank , same kind of concept as a sump, except reversed :)

all the powerhead does is put the water in the filter , then your useing the weight of the water/gravity to push it down and around to the output side , now cause the output is lower then the imput side water will push out of the filter.

power turns off water only comes out to the height of the output side of the filter because the powerhead is not feeding anymore water in = it cant push the water up any higher from gravity.

this might help


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witch part can get stuck? ,inlet to filter has a cap on it and is sealed , your pumping water into the filter not out of the filter, gravity is feeding water out , so even if you some how managed to block the filter , it can only fill up to the hight of the imput side of the filter at witch point your powerhead would not be able to pump any more water in ...... no chance of flooding . the powerhead is in the fish tank pushing the water into the filter. with out water flowing in the water cannot come back out

maybe these will help better



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