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For Sale: Fish tank 2 Tiered 4ft's Plumbed including 4ft sump

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For Sale

Two tiered 4 x 18 x 18 fish tank rack, both tanks plumbed and including plumbing, also comes with a 4 ft sump.

What will be included:

Stand (made of steel, very heavy), tanks (come with very new lids), all plumbing (fully customisable, created for easy taking apart, and can be fully controlled, cost for plumbing alone was more than $160), sump, heater (jager 300w), sump pump (Eden 140), heaps of jap matt, filter pads, ceramic rings, two bags of purigen.

You will need a minimum of two people to move it with you, so please bring someone along as the stand is very heavy.

If you would like the plants included in the deal, that will be an extra $30, (paid over $60 for it), will not be including any fish, wood, or lights in the deal.



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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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