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there was not too many peps really maybe 3/4 lots I heard, I was too busy having a chat most of the time though! there was some serious bargains to be had if you liked discus though! overall I thought the prices were up a fair bit so it was a good sellers night!

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Was a good night and a good chat and the usual people were there and also a number of new people that made it to the night as well. Definitely always good for a laugh or two.

Can't wait to see some Tiger Flimingo Reds...lol

Missed taking home some Java Moss - sure I will find some in the trader anyway.

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Oh and nearly forgot - a big thank you to all the Volunteers and the Clubs that get together to make these events happen and keep the hobby strong.

Before everyone arrives, they are in action in getting it all set up and when everyone is gone they are still there packing up and cleaning up and closing it all down.

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there was not too many peps really maybe 3/4 lots I heard, I was too busy having a chat most of the time though! there was some serious bargains to be had if you liked discus though! overall I thought the prices were up a fair bit so it was a good sellers night!

Was there a few discus there this time? What types? And what sort of price were they going for?

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i got 2 peps and wanted to make an offer on a 8cm one but the lady didnt seem happy, even my son said she threw the bag with the pep in it..... other then that the auctioneers did well.

They might have to organise a chat area sectioned off, so the loud talking does not interrupt the entire auction. As the Auctioneers spoke closer to the microphone the group spoke louder. But i laughed when the guy down the front yelled at the loud people. good job. lol

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Was a good night with a new venue.

A couple of minor problems, the main one being the microphone are set volume and could not be turned up so hearing at the back of the hall was a major problem.

And we had a couple of issues with the paperwork and the printer.

There were also a couple of minor issues with people selling items that either had not read or did not understand the rules, but they were sorted out.

Yes I did ask everyone to "BE QUITE" rather loudly at one stage but when you are sitting 10 feet from the auctioneer and cannot hear them because of the noise in the hall, what else do you do. The cold of the night made the noise problem worse because we had to close the two back doors and made everyone come inside so there was nowhere for people to "chat" outside. So the noise level inside just went extreme.

I would like to say a big THANK YOU to John from The Tech Den and Jodie from Fishchicks Aquatics for the raffle prizes. we ended up with eleven prizes in total. FANTASTIC.

And of course to all the volunteers for their efforts on the night, WITHOUT WHOM THESE AUCTIONS WOULD NOT HAPPEN.

I also think that every person that turned up, either to volunteer, sell, buy or just have a chat and a look, also deceive a THANK YOU for coming.

The next auction is the QAH Auction at Caboolture but the date at present is still not final because of the election.

Possible dates are 31st August, 7th September or 14th September. If the election date is called as either of the first two dates then the auction will be on the 14th September.

If however the election remains as the 14th September, then the auction will be the 31st August.

The next QFAS auction will be 16th November at the same location.

At the beginning of the night it was advertised that the next Q.F.A.S. event would be the MARKET DAY on the 26th October, for those that missed it here are the proposed rules.


Saturday 26th OCTOBER 2013


178 Alexandra Road


Setup from 10.30am to 12.00 noon open to the public from 12.00 noon to 6.00pm.

Hire of space $30.00

Table hire $10.00.

Any Hobby related item may be sold.

The seller can use all or part of the space allocated for the sale of items.

Sellers can have a table or multiple tables but they must NOT spread outside the allocated area. If a seller requires more space they can take out a second space if available, otherwise they must refill the space from their car.

Every Item sold MUST be priced. People can haggle over the price if they want, but for the benefit of the buyer there must be a price to start with

Rules similar to the auction rules as far as size of fish and bagging of fish but with the number limits removed. So if you wanted to you could have 100 electric yellows for sale etc.

No sick or deformed fish to be sold.

How fish are displayed, sold and bagged is up to the seller But be aware that health and welfare of the fish is paramount and anyone who does the wrong thing will be asked to clean up their act ONCE and if they fail to rectify the situation will be asked to stop selling, pack up and leave. In this situation no refund would apply.

No electrical goods of any kind.

All chemicals must be sealed and not out of date No half empty containers.

No gravels smaller than 10mm

No potted plants unless potted in wool.

Sellers MUST provide their own change.

There are very limited sites with power.

Clubs and Shops welcome to put in tables.

Canteen will be available on a rotational basis for clubs to run as a fund raiser.

Note: these are only proposed and not yet final if you can think of anything else that needs to be added please send me a P.M. with your thoughts.

There will only be a total of 20 spaces available and only about half will have limited power available.

If this Market Day is a success then QFAS will be running more next year and probably dropping one of the auctions possibly the July one.

Also before anything is said the venue for this trial is the BAR JAI HALL at Clayfield on the northside because we knew we could get this venue when we wanted it.

Any future Market Days could be held wherever we can find suitable venues, this include the southside.

Edited by xysti53
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So has it finished yet inleft at about 10:50 when I misheard wat they said and spent my last bit of money on f1 brichardi lol thankyou to the gentleman in the front who spotted me $5 ur a top bloke

Cheers steven

No worries mate, nothing worse than getting stuck like that, glad I could help:esmile:

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