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Easy going Americans?

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bolivian butterflys

Also I am a fan of angels, I know people constantly have drama with....... but I like them with geos.

another good one is severums, festivums or rainbows.

the festi will often go high in the tank, so that can be cool.

As with everything, keep a close eye on them if 2 look like they have paired up

as with all cichlids........ that means the rules have changed.


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Rainbow Cichlid, Uaru, Chocolate, Blue Eyeds, Poor Man's Tropheus. Pretty much. :)

Blue eyes are agressive for their size, related to convicts. I seen a pair beat the crap out of a Red Devil way bigger than them. Anyway they like hard alkaline water, not suitable for a SOUTH American tank. You may as well put Rift lake cichlids in if you are gonna put Central in a South American tank.

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