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whats the best way to get babys growing fast?

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when you do a water change that make's fish poop out all the waste (which they have taken all the goodness from) so to make the fry grow quickly you feed ,2 hour's later you w/change, 2 hour's later you feed, 2 hour's later you w/change etc etc etc, this will make them grow very quickly.do 25% w/c and feed 5 time's a day and you wont believe how quick they grow.

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Hormones, no they're illegal basically. A lot of water changes- ? 25% in morning and 25% in evenings - depending on how much work you want to do, raise the water temp a bit, as wide a variety of foods as possible and the fish in as big a tank as possible would be a good start

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1) whats species are you raising?

2) what tanks do you have available to use?

3) details of a water test? (ammonia, nitrite, nitrate results would all be handy)

Basically it comes down to........

~ how much protein/fat you can feed your particular species,

~ how much water volume you have, which will decide how often you need to water change to keep nitrate low,

~ at what temperature your species grows fastest,

~ how many times you can feed a day,

~ how hard fish have to work to get food (AKA competition, food concentration and current to swim against),

Myself, for fast growth I feed Shori.

Love the stuff mate.

But it only comes in 5kg bags.


If you need to raise an army of fish

and you want them big quickly

then its a dam good option.

I started a thread on it here



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New era green rift lake pellet, hikari sinking cichlid excel pellet, new life spectrum are all good to feed cichlids if that's what your feeding also live brine shrimp as i've seen a fellow breeder feed them to his fish and give him excellent results I believe the tech den one of our excellent sponsers may be stocking all 3 of these soon or cheapest place I've found so far is guppies on line for nls

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