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$20 cyp SPECKLEBACK Moba fry

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I have up for sale 40 cyprichromis leptosoma SPECKLEBACK Moba fry 3 - 5cm

All parents are german imports through Grant and Meng.

Equal mix of blue tail and yellow tail.

Some fry may have albino gene as 2 females have thrown 3 albino fry between them. These are not Kitumbas... They are mobas!

Fry fed on NLS pellet ground, live shrimplets and are very healthy and growing fast.

Shipping from Coffs Harbour via AAE or will make a trip to BNE and personally deliver, local pick up available also

Minimum buy is 10 fish and $30 delivery charge = $230.

20x free shipping / delivery = $400

Or contact for bigger quantities.


PM or Call / SMS 0431 417 086

actual fry...


Sample clip of parents

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Donny... I've been a fan of your previous 2883 posts. Guess you forgiven 1 crazy one ;) with the 1/10th comment.

Will agree how great these fish are though..... I'm away with work so can't take them at the moment or would have jumped on the last 20.

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