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Anemone has finally done what I wanted.

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A few months back I got a couple of quadricolor bubble anemones and one was a red one.

The South East Queensland aquarium society does roughly 8 trips a year to the sunshine coast and the guys were after a couple of anemones.

Only three spots up there have abundant anemones after all the rains we have had so far these last three years, the silty and lower salinity waters has killed them in massive numbers at our regular sites, so luckily there are other spots and this was the first time I have taken the others to this particular spot.

Our club pres and myself are the only ones who go there normally.

The red one is the only bubble anemone that I have not taken the time to make it split.

When I got them commercially they were worth to much to play with, so for some years now I haven’t done any of that and with this system I made, it can achieve anything at all.

For the last two months I have been plying it with food as I have always done to make bubble tips divide.

Most will divide each week to 10 days, this one got to nearly 14 inches before the dam thing divided.

It was this close to getting rid of it as I have a very dumb 30 millimetre imperator in there and I was worried the twit would get stung.

It’s in there to achieve adult colours at a tiny size.

Any way the slow poke finally divided.

This is it pigging out.


Waiting for food as usual.


The youngster.


This thing was so big it was killing my acans.now I can get rid of it.

The quadricolor as is with some other anemones, has a very special attribute, they have no actual life span, and unless they are killed the original lives forever.

The oldest documented evidence of one in the museums literature passed onto me said ,it was estimated to be over two hundred years old.

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