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I got cory eggs....AGAIN

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So my corys laid all through my 6x18x18 again, and ive managed to put my internal filter in a breeder net to see it the eggs hatch on the top part (LOADS). (I run a canister too guys) The thing im concerned about is I have like oodles of types of corys in there, something like 30?? Pandas, albino, green laser, sterbai etc etc......Can they CROSS breed?? I set this tank up with no intention of breeding and the eggs will prob go furry, but just in case I want some clarification about corys and purity. Will these be bad muts? How long do eggs take to hatch and what is good first food? Have BBS for my Ellioti rocking so can I use them?? Sorry for the noob questions but ive never really bred corys :/

Ta Angel :dance:

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